User Group Tour: What to look for in Execution Plans / Get your database under control

Gemeinsam mit der PASS Deutschland veranstalten wir einen Usergroup Abend, der sich ganz um das Thema SQL Server dreht. Grant Fritchey macht mit seiner Usergroup Tour auch Stopp in Dresden und wir freuen uns auf einen spannenden Abend mit ihm.

What to look for in Execution Plans

You’ve heard often enough that you need to look at execution plans to understand what’s going on with a query. But what are you supposed to look at? This session answers that question, providing a step-by-step set of considerations for evaluating your execution plans. We’ll look at the aspects of an execution plan that should be immediately checked, see why you should look at them, and walk through what to do about what you find. You’ll be able to put all this information into immediate use when you return to the office. And you can apply this guidance to your SQL Server 2012 systems as well as older versions of SQL Server.

Get your database under control

Developers don’t even question the need for source control as part of their application life cycle management. But DBAs and database developers just don’t look at their databases in the same way as code. However, if you want to get good coordination between your application code and database, if you want to start to automate your database deployments, you need to treat your database like code. This session will demonstrate different mechanisms for getting a database into source control in order to begin to control your database in the same way you control your code.


Grant Fritchey ist Mitarbeiter bei Red Gate und hat schon mehrere Artikel geschrieben, unter anderem für SQL Server Central. Zudem ist er der Autor von “SQL Server Execution Plans” and “SQL Server 2012 Query Performance Tuning”.

###Ort und Zeit Wir treffen uns am 28.01.2015 um 18:00 Uhr bei der T-Systems MMS. Bitte tragt euch in die Gästeliste ein.

Es verspricht also, ein technischer Abend mit einem absoluten Experten zu werden.