Doppel Feature .NET Performance und Build automation für C# mit Nuke

Doppel Feature .NET Performance und Build automation für C# mit Nuke

(Vortrag in Englisch) Kirill Skrygan - .NET Performance:

Interested in writing high-performance .NET applications? In this talk recording, we will walk tour through some common .NET Performance practices (GC, Memory footprint, UI smoothness, ...), with real-world examples which affect the IDEs you use every day. We will peek under the hood of Visual Studio, ReSharper, and Roslyn, and discover the basic architecture of these gigantic .NET products. You will finally understand why Visual Studio is slow on big solutions (and always will be); what is beautiful about Roslyn, why ReSharper can slow down Visual Studio even more, and why Rider is technically the next generation of all IDEs.

(Vortrag in Deutsch) Matthias Koch - NUKE - Build automation for C# developers

NUKE is a build automation system with C# DSL, which allows us to automate processes like compiling solutions, packing artifacts or deploying applications. In contrast to existing tools, NUKE integrates as a simple C# console application. Therefore, we are able to use all the IDE features we love - like debugging and auto-completion - out of the box! This also means, that it requires less learning to actually manage or extend a build, which increases overall acceptance and adaption in a team. Integration of command-line tools is a top priority. For that reason, NUKE utilizes a revolutionary code-generation approach that helps to provide a clean and consistent API for them. Join this talk to learn how to write maintainable and reliable builds.

Ort und Zeit

Wir treffen uns am 07. September 2018 um 17:00 Uhr bei ProTechnology GmbH.
Die Gästeliste wird auf Meetup verwaltet.